Get Your Group Or Daycare Together With A Simple Spring Project

Posted on: 5 April 2016

Looking for a fun project to bring a group of children together? Nothing fosters a sense of solidarity like a common objective, such as a creative project. There are many group projects that are well-suited to a group of young children, and that will begin to build bonds and interactions among the kids in your care.

Build team-work and foster fun with this simple spring suggestion:

Foster fun with a group flip-flop wreath.

Encourage the kids in your group to participate in making something that symbolizes spring to hang on your door or to share with a friend of the group, such as a teacher or parent. A flip-flop wreath is a fun and inexpensive group project that is quick, easy, and fun to create. Begin by asking each child to bring in a pair of recycled, cheap flip-flops; if this is not feasible, visit a local dollar store or discount outlet to buy a half-dozen pairs of simple foam flip-flops, in any colors.

  • Start by wrapping a foam wreath with colored or patterned duct tape for the base of your wreath.
  • Insert a small screw or hook fixture into the back of the top of your wreath ring. This is how you can hang the wreath later on.
  • Assemble and arrange the flip-flops on the wreath, mixing and matching the colors and sizes until it adequately covers the wreath. The shoes only need a small portion to be against the wreath ring for support, so they can stick out in any and all directions.
  • Use a low-temperature glue-gun to secure the flip-flops to the ring. Assist each child in attaching their contributions to the wreath.
  • You might also encourage each child to draw, add their name, or write messages on the flip-flops before assembling the wreath.

A decent size foam ring for your wreath is 12-inches or larger; visit arts and craft retailers to find simple, low-cost rings for wreaths to make for every season. Glue bells for Christmas, feathers for summer, or dried leaves in the fall; encourage the kids in your group to go out and hunt for items that might be used in making that particular wreath.

Sometimes, a common goal can bring children together to focus on a project. These wreaths are simple enough to hold the attention of young ones, but crafty enough to be of interest to older children. Bring your group together to create a fun and fantastic flip-flop wreath for your door!

For more help, contact a center like Mountainside School.