Why Pre-School Is A Smart Choice For Your Child

Posted on: 19 January 2017

Do you have a pre-kindergarten age child? If so, you should seriously consider enrolling the child in pre-school. While many parents are unsure about pre-school and about giving up time with their child before they have to, there are just so many benefits to pre-school that it's a good idea to enroll your child in it. If you're still not convinced, just consider these awesome advantages.

Children Learn the Structure of School

First of all, one of the really nice things about pre-school is that your child will learn the basic structure of school and the general rules for how to behave in school.

In kindergarten, children are going to be expected to be able to sit still and listen for periods of time, to follow instructions, and to get along well with other children. For kids who have never been to pre-school, these things can be a struggle, which can cause problems at school. Kids who do go to pre-school, however, learn these skills and get used to the basic structure of school ahead of time so that when they do actually reach kindergarten, they'll be ahead of the curve and on track for success.

Children Learn Self Confidence

Another nice advantage to pre-school is that it will help your child to become more independent and to develop self-confidence.

In pre-school, children are encouraged to do and try things on their own. These are typically simple things, such as deciding what they want to do in their free time or presenting a "show and tell" item to their peers. However, these small, independence-boosting tasks make a world of positive difference to a child and increase the chances that he or she will be independent and self-reliant in kindergarten and beyond.

They Improve Language and Vocabulary

Perhaps the best benefit of pre-school is its wonderful impact on language. Children who attend pre-school are exposed to peers and teachers speaking to them, instead of just their parents and siblings.

Because they hear more speech than children who do not attend pre-school, they are much more likely to have a large vocabulary and to speak well and more frequently, which will set them up for success.

Obviously, pre-school is beneficial in a wide variety of ways, which is why you should definitely make it a must for your child. You will see positive changes in your child once he or she starts pre-school, and then you'll know for certain that you made the right decision.